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I will find another way to get Tiana her restaurant!
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Please reblog if you don’t mind your followers sending you memes and prompts even if you’ve never interacted with them.

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it must be really wild to actually have a positive relationship with your father



some people really have that????

that’s incredibe

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I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results



I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

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Disney Heroines 

By: gariSK

let’s glorify the heroines rather than just the princesses I like that better

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paranorman + quotes

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Can you believe they call us criminals when he’s assaulting us with that haircut?

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Could this be? Are things actually getting better for me or am I being too optimistic?

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the long awaited and shittier sequel that nobody needed of this post

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Hi! My name is Hammy, and I love Pokemon, Xiaolin Showdown, Harry Potter, Princess Tutu and Clannad (Plus loads more anime). I have specialist knowlege in small animals and I am particularly well learned in hamsters and rabbits! I occationally draw stuff and make crumby AMVs! I also enjoy cosplaying and you can always find me at London MCM expo, wandering around aimlessly! I'm kind of shy and online at odd hours, but I'm really nice and make awesome Pokemon trainer cards for fictional characters, so feel free to stick around!

(Special thanks to DragonNutt for helping with my description)

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